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Machines to the processing of fruit and vegetables

The many years' of experience in the production of machines and devices permits us to be one of the most significant producers of the machines for the processing of fruits & vegetables, the refrigerating engineering and the drying.

Besides machines and devices produced by us meets the basic requirements of the system of the safety of the food HACCP , possess the acceptable security level of the work CE and are executed from materials of the EU origin.

We have the own designing office which projects all technological lines, single machines and devices and also the elements of technological lines . We assure the warranty and after service guarantee service as well as the spare parts to devices produced by us. In December 28th of 2007, our company has obtained

"The certificate of the integrated quality management system and the safety & hygiene of the work"

(in accordance with the requirements of norms PN - EN ISO 9001:2001 and PN - N-18001:2004) given by the Polish Centre of Testing and Certification in the range of: designing, production, sale and service of machines and devices for the processing of fruits and vegetables.

Balustrades , barrier rails , the little architecture

We offer also the complex services beginning the advising , the projection and the assembly of elements of the little builder's architecture, in this the balustrades and barriers of stainless steel and ordinary steel. .

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